Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Our uniforms are made specifically for players, including their name, number and size.

Generally our teams play within an hour of Winchester.   Occasionally, our teams will travel further and play in tournaments.  Generally we make sure to communicate with parents to ensure that all players can attend these tournaments before committing.

Basketball size follows AAU rules:  4th – 6th grade boys and all 7th grade girls will use 28.5, 7th and 8th grade boys will use 29.5 (regulation).

Final player selection will be made, and players/parents will be notified within a day or two after final tryout.

Practice schedule will be determined once the team is formed.  The goal is to have two practices a week, for about two hours each.  Teams will also have a mandatory 2 hours training session, once a week on weeks there is no tournament.

The total cost will be based on gym costs, uniforms, tournaments, etc.  Typically this is around $475 per season.  Please contact us for more info.  (Subject to change)

The goal is to play in 6-7 tournaments, with a 2 – 3 game average per tournament.

Typically, the team will carry between 8 and 10 players.  Ideally, 10 players is a good number for practices and scrimmages.  This will be determined based on how many players tryout, etc.

Players will need the following:  Basketball shoes, mouthpiece and basketball shorts.

Players will be provided a reversible practice jersey.  The reversible jersey will replace the use of pennies during practices, scrimmages and drills.  Players have the option to buy an additional practice jersey if desired.  Players will also be provided with a uniform. (Jersey, Shorts and shooting shirt)

While the occasional absence is bound to occur due to illness, family or other reasons… all players are generally expected to show up for all practices and games.  If a child plays another sport, the expectation is that basketball will be their priority, and the second sport will be missed if a conflict was to occur.  We want what is fair to the team and the other players on the team.  At the end of the day, we need team members who can be here and support each other.

Each players playing time will be based on their skill set, the opponent, attendance at practice, and each players overall effort. Just like high school, college and other travel basketball programs, there is no guarantee that everyone will play equally. If players want to play, they must work to improve.

Yes.  The team will work together and hold a fundraiser during the season.  Participation in these fundraisers will be mandatory, as these help to raise money for teams, equipment, gym rental and extra activities.

Yes. Some tournaments charge an entry fee into the tournament for spectators.  This fee varies per tournament.

The team will practice twice a week.  Occasionally, this will include special speed and agility training.    Additional training may be available.  See coach for details.

The Winchester Elite is looking for players for4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade teams (Boys and Girls).  If you are interested, please contact us or fill out the tryout registration form.  If you are interested in coaching, please reach out to us.

The Winchester Elite is always looking for great coaches.  We strive to ensure that our coaches all have the same values that the organization was founded on, along with a strong knowledge and passion for the game.  If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact us.

Yes we do!  The Winchester Elite is partnering with Upward Athletics to hold a summer basketball skills training.   Training will be for basketball players who are serious about taking their game to the next level.  Camp will be for one week, held in mid July and run from 9-3 daily.   For more information, please visit our training page at

For younger teams (4th and 5th grade, boys and girls) parents are allowed to watch.  We ask that parents remain quiet and do not disrupt practice.  For older teams,  parents are asked to wait outside during practice, or sit in the lobby.  We want to ensure that players are focused on the coach during practice and getting the most out of their time with the team.


Feel free to fill out our contact form and ask!