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2020 Spring Shootout Tournament Rules

Check-In:Rosters must be submitted at check-in if not previously delivered (i.e. email) prior to first game. Rosters must match up with registration. Players and two coaches will be admitted free of charge. Coach shall be provided tournament t-shirts for their team at check-in.

Eligibility: Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all players meet eligibility requirements. A copy of the players’ birth certificates and/or report card must be provided to the Tournament Director or site coordinators on demand. Use of an ineligible player will result in the team forfeiting the game(s). Eligibility based upon AAU guidelines.

Rules of Play: Virginia High School League rules, unless otherwise specified in this document.

Tournament Game Format: 

  • Be ready at your assigned court at least thirty minutes before designated game times. Teams not present at start time will forfeit the game. Games may start no more than 15 minutes earlier than scheduled time.
  • Home team will be the first listed on the tournament schedule and will wear white/light colored jerseys and provide the official scorebook (adult scorers only). Visitors shall wear dark colored jerseys and provide the game ball and provide adult to work the clock.
  • Only two coaches, players listed on the roster, and the scorekeeper are permitted to sit on the bench.
  • 3-minute minimum warm up time prior to game.
  • 12-minute halves for 4th, 5th, 6th grade divisions (Running clock stop final 2 min of half)
  • 14-minute halves for 7th & 8th grade divisions (Running clock stop final 2 min of half)
  • 16-minute halves for JV division (Running clock stop final 2 min of half)
  • 3-minute half-times
  • 2-minutes for the first overtime period, 1-minute for the second. Third overtime will be sudden death; first team to score wins. Each team has one full timeout per overtime period.
  • Two full and two thirty-second timeouts per team per game. Timeouts will carry over if not used.
  • Mercy Rule:
    • Clock will run continuously if a team is trailing by 20 points or more at any time during the game.
    • If a team is leading by 20 points or more, they are not allowed to press.
    • If lead drops below 20 points normal play will resume.
    • A game may be forfeited when a team is trailing by twenty points or more with three or fewer minutes remaining in the second half (Coach’s decision).
  • Head coach is responsible for attending the medical needs of his/her athletes.
  • Pool Play (if required): Before advancing to the championship round, each team will play at least two (2) other teams in its pool.  The order of finish in each pool will be determined by: (1) head-to-head results, if applicable, (2) margin of win/loss scores (+/- 20 maximum per game), (3) points allowed, (4) coin toss.

ConductCoaches and/or players receiving two technical fouls will be suspended for the remainder of the game and all of the next game. Harassment of officials, disruptive behavior, and/or the use of offensive language by coaches, players, or fans will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the game and/or the tournament.

Food:  No outside food is permitted.  Concessions will be available at all facilities.

Adults: $10
Students (ages 7-17):  $7
Children (6 & under): Free